10 Must have items for your “Honey Bucket”

More must have honey bucket items

A “Honey Bucket” is a great thing to keep for your camping experiences, when you’re on the road, or in your vehicle when your’re out and about with no cell service. Fill it up with these 10 essential items to make sure you have a great time even if you find yourself stuck.

1. Ration Packs
High calorie rations are a fantastic way for you to keep going in a tough situation. Maybe not the tastiest things ever – but they have plenty of energy to keep you moving, and keep you focused on bettering your situation, instead of looking for food.;

2. Emergency Blankets
Incredibly lightweight, these lifesaving items are useful to keep you warm at night, work as part of a makeshift shelter, and any number of other uses you may have for a waterproof, heat reflecting sheet.

3. Bottles of water
The biggest need in any survival situation is a source of fresh water. Having a dozen liters of fresh, clean water available is quite literally a life saver.

4. Crank flashlight
A flashlight with a capacitor and a small hand crank is a great way to make certain you never run out of batteries. Avoid the cheap-o dollar store versions and get yourself a high quality one that generates the most power per movement.

5. Mini First Aid Kit
Of course the ubiquitous first aid kit should be tucked in here to dress small wounds – and handle small issues before they become much bigger issues.

6. Leather Gloves
Protect your hands from lacerations, pricks, and scratches in rough situations. You don’t want your meathooks all banged up while you’re trying to better your situation.

7. Duct Tape

Easily one of the handiest items to have when you’re stranded. Fix items, make new ones, fashion all sorts of life saving contraptions with a roll of good quality duct tape.

8. Utility Knife
Always razor sharp, incredibly lightweight, and supremely useful – a utility knife with snap off blades are excellent for slicing through thinner things without dinging up the blade of your everday carry.

9. 15″ Pry Bar
It may not be the most obvious thing to take, but a 15″ pry bar is lightweight enough, but strong enough to be a serious help in a survival situation.

10.A Sturdy Bucket
Rounding out the list – the most obvious one – is a good sturdy bucket. A sturdy bucket can me a makeshift stool, seat, toilet (bring garbage bags!) as well as a tool to collect rain or fresh water. But again – if it’s serving double duty – make sure it can be properly sanitized.

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