11 Must Have First Aid Items For Fido

You should have a dedicated first aid kit for your dog 


Does your dog enjoy your outdoor lifestyle just as much as you do? Do you take them for hikes, camping trips and for swims at the lake? If you do then you should be packing a small dog first aid kit.

Typically dog owners that take their pets on activities like this treat them like family, so why wouldn’t you have a first aid kit that is designed just in case your pet gets hurt The same way you would if your child or you got hurt? Everybody typically things to carry enough water, food and other supplies that your dog might need during a camping trip but don’t often think of first aid. Heck, I even pack a jacket for my dog in the winter and a cooling vest in the summer.

My Jeep is outfitted with a full size human first aid kit, and I carry a smaller version when I go out on the trails,  but I didn’t have one that was designed with my dog in mind. After seeing a great post on Pinterest that talked about a first aid kit designed for Fido I got off my butt and went out to my garage and put one together in a nice small water-resistant portable pack. This pack hardly takes up any room and easily fits into my existing hiking pack or I could put it into my dog’s pack.

Dogs are typically much more active on the trail then humans are, they’ll take risks like jumping over logs and running full steam when you give them the opportunity. I do keep my dog on a leash when I’m hiking on Backcountry trails just in case we run into any wildlife, but he is still able to roam about 15 to 20 feet away from me in the woods, this gives him plenty of opportunities to get a bee sting, twist  his leg or break a bone, or cut himself on something.

You can buy commercially available first aid kits that are meant for dogs and people but most often they are a little too large to carry on a hiking or backpacking trip. this kit when put together only cost about $10 dollars total and most of it I already had lying around in other first aid kits.


First Aid Kit For DogsHere is what I keep in my dog’s first aid kit:

2 x absorbent gauze pads

1 x waterproof adhesive tape

2 x antiseptic wipes

1 x self-adhesive wrap

1 x foil emergency blanket

1 x pair of non-latex disposable gloves

5 x q-tips

1 x tick remover tweezers (for removing ticks & splinters)

1 x scissors

5 x Benadryl pills (bee stings)**

5 x carprofen (anti-inflammatory, pain reliever)**

1 x vet information card

Bonus: Free Vet Information Card & Fido First Aid Labels

Another great thing to include in your dog’s first aid kit is the veterinarian contact information card. If your dog gets hurt while I would hiking you don’t want to waste time trying to remember your Veterinarians name and phone number, or in the worst case scenario you’re also injured and have no way of informing the veterinarian of any conditions that your pet might have. This card will help get the proper attention that he needs by a veterinarian who is unfamiliar with your pet. Simply save the following picture, print it off and cut out the labels.


Click on the picture, it will open in PDF and you can print it off and use the graphics when creating your own First Aid Kit for Fido.

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