AARMED Gear For September 2018

What’s New For AARMED Gear September 2018

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting gear to take on outdoor adventures. Here are a few new products that we discovered and feature in our September 2018 issue of AARMED Magazine.


EDC Knife – CRKT RAIKIRI Folding Pocket Knife


CRKT RaikiriCRKT knives have introduced Field Strip technology that allows the user to quickly and easily disassemble and reassemble knives for cleaning and maintenance in the field. One of these knives that they introduced at the SHOT show 2018 is the RAIKIRI. Named after the famous sword of Japanese lore the RAIKIRI was designed by Dew Hara son of the famous Koji Hara.


The knife features:

  • Field Strip technology
  • Satin Blade Finish
  • Cold Forged Aluminum Handles


The field strip technology is very fast and allows a user to completely disassemble the knife in about 10 seconds, putting the night back together takes approximately the same time. Although the knife has mixed reviews on Amazon I am looking forward to getting my hands on it to test this new Field Strip technology. More information available at:  CRKT Knives


EDC Flashlight – Klarus Mi1c Ti


Klarus Mi1c Ti 2This new thumb-sized flashlight from Klarus has the quality that you would expect from its namesake. For such a small flashlight it does have a decent throw and because it is made of titanium you don’t have to worry about it getting beat up. the light color is pure white, approximately 5700K.


The light is USB chargeable and has an extreme runtime of 9 days when left in moon mode. With a maximum output of 600 lumens, this flashlight is incredibly bright for its eyes. it does offer a fade-in fade-out function when in turbo mode to promote I safety and improve the user experience. The flashlight is waterproof, 2.15” long, which is barely larger than the battery inside, weighs a mere 1.17Oz, has four lighting levels and 2 flashing modes, A magnetic tail cap, and a pocket clip. Overall this is a great micro flashlight that will definitely be going in my EDC kit.

More Information available at: Klarus


Sleeping Bag – Feathered Friends Swallow 20 YF


feathered-friends-swallow-20 sleeping bagfeathered-friends-swallow-20Not a lot of people are familiar with the Seattle based Feathered Friends sleeping bag company, but if their products are good enough for world famous climbers that are heading to places like the Himalayas, Mt Rainier Alaska, or the Rocky Mountains then it’s good enough for me.


This 900-fill goose down sleeping bag only weighs 16.8oz and has a temperature rating to 20 degrees Fahrenheit or -6.6 Celsius. The swallow 20 YF is a 3-season sleeping bag With epic performance and weighs less than 2 pounds. This technology does come at a cost at $439 US, but if you want to be comfortable and not carry a lot of weight then this is one of the best sleeping bags on the market today. More information Here: Feathered Friends


Pro Eagle 2 Ton Off-road Jack


Pro Eagle Off Road JackAre you looking for a jack that is not only going to work great on your shop floor but also something that you can take out in the field and will have high performance on sand and gravel? The Pro Eagle 2-ton big wheel off road Jack might be just what you’re looking for, at a cost $410 US this Jack has a lot of features that off-roaders & overlanders would look for.




  • A full-length skid plate prevents it from sinking in the sand as well as damage to internal components.
  • 8in” adjustable extension with an optional 15” extension for extremely lifted vehicles
  • The aluminum handle is detachable for Easy Storage
  • The wheels have sealed ball bearings for smooth rolling and operation even in the most extreme conditions.
  • The Jack has an overall lift height of 2’2”
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

More information at: Pro Eagle Jacks

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