The ultimate in versatility, the AARMED ST can be customized to be used in virtually any survival situation. Use it to start fires, purify water, saw wood, hunt, skin & clean, dig, as well as use it to store any number of useful items such as paracord, heat blankets, first aid materials, medicine, or a compass. Made from aircraft grade aluminum, with accessories being made of aluminum or carbonized steel The AARMED ST is built to last as long as you do.

In most situations, fire will be key to your survival.

Warmth, cooked meat, and boiled water can be crucial in staying alive in a survival situation, so the phoenix kit provides multiple ways to keep things nice and warm.

The Versatile ST system allows for multiple tools to be stored inside the main body. Additional storage extensions allow more tools to be packed in.

Most tools in the ST system can be used with the main body itself, or an optional handle accessory. Allowing another survivor to use the AARMED tools.

Injury prevention and proper treatment are often the difference between a minor cut, and a deadly infection especially where warm dry conditions cannot be assured.

The healer pack contains  bandages, alcohol, sewing kit, even a small tube of super glue for cleaning and closing wounds

The AARMED EDC is a standalone component of the AARMED survival system that uses its cutting thread to form a strong bond with branches. The EDC can be used for line fishing, spear fishing, hunting, making snares, starting friction fires and rigging lines.

This unassuming piece of gear uses the same threading as the rest of the aarmed survival system allowing you to a attach all of the AARMED survival system attachments.