About Us

The group of people that make up AARMED are adventure travelers, hunters and fishermen and we commonly put ourselves in situations that could turn into survival scenarios quickly. With that being said we are always preparing gear that will assist us in a survival situation if it occurs.


We are constantly purchasing new equipment and survival gear that we field test on a regular basis, as well as testing our skills in primitive survival Bushcraft. So you could say that survival gear is constantly on my mind.


In our line of business and where we live in the world we work in some pretty remote and cold places, this gives me lots of time to think when I’m traveling back-and-forth to job sites. One day while traveling I started to think about a scenario where my truck broke down and no other traffic was on the road until the next day. What would I do? Am I prepared for this situation? After looking over my truck and the things that I carry on a day-to-day basis I realized that I wasn’t prepared at all for this situation and that had to change. I was slightly embarrassed because when it comes to outdoor adventures I seem to have every gadget known to man to help me survive but in my day-to-day life I wasn’t prepared at all and this is where the original idea for the Aarmed survival system came to life.


I needed something that was extremely light, durable and had the abilities to create fire, purify water, signal people searching for me, provide food, protection and shelter. Once I have this built I will carry it with me in my truck, on my quad and every outdoor adventure I went on.


As I started developing this idea I shared it with my group of friends and the Aarmed survival system became a challenge for us to try to survive different scenarios only using the Aarmed survival tube and whatever we could fit in it.


Over the next year we put ourselves in some crazy situations camping, fishing and hiking throughout northern Alberta with the Aarmed survival system as our only resource. These trips involved us building shelters, fires, purifying water, hunting small game and fishing for up to 120 hours before hiking back into civilization.


And we didn’t stop there, although I will never go on any form of adventure travel again without the Aarmed survival system as part of my kit I also carry it day-to-day in my truck and keep a spare one ready to go with my bug out bag at home. Just by their nature you never know when an emergency is going to strike, that’s why our motto is “Emergencies aren’t planned – Survival is!”


Now we need your help in bringing this amazing survival system to the public.

We’ve done the work by designing, building and testing this survival system. It is patent pending and ready to go into full production and with your support the Aarmed survival system will become a reality in 2016.


Don’t stop there we want feedback in what’s important to you in survival situations, we are constantly building new modular pieces to fit with the Aarmed survival system.


During the 2016 season we plan on many adventure travel trips and survival scenarios where we will be filming the expeditions and showing the abilities of the Aarmed survival system. We will use this footage to create the Aarmed Survival Series in an effort to teach survival skills in many different scenarios.  

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