America’s Best Mountain Biking Towns

The dedication of mountain bikers around the world who are constantly building new and improved routes is one of the most beautiful things in mountain biking. This allows new and travel-thirsty cyclists to explore and have fun

In this post today, we have listed the nation’s mountain bikers’ destination within the last three years. In addition, you will notice that the list has its attention focused only on the United States. So, without any further delay, here are the top best mountain bike destinations in the United States:

Moab, Utah:

While it is one of the oldest destinations for mountain bikers on the planet, the guys here have refused to rest on their laurels with the old trails which made them popular. Instead, Moab have continued to improve and build even more and more legal bike tracks and at a rate of around 30 miles per year. And honestly, the new roads are even better than the original classics.

Crested Butte, Colorado:

Crested Butte is a famous mountain bike destination in that it is one of the two places where mountain biking was born. But comparing the mountain bike current trail in Crested Butte, Colorado, to that of Marin County, California, you’d find there is no comparison possible. Crested Butte is far ahead by hundreds of miles as one of the world’s most scenic alpine trails.

Lake Tahoe, California & Nevada

Lake Tahoe is an expansive region that includes the towns of South Lake Tahoe, CA; Incline Village, NV; and Tahoe City, CA; which dot the shores of the largest alpine lake in North America, and one of the clearest lakes in the world. This entire region is renowned for its mountain biking and is stitched together into a cohesive destination by the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Park City, Utah

One of Park City’s many claims to fame is being the first-ever IMBA Gold-Level Ride Center. While other gold-level ride centers have joined the ranks over the years, Park City will always be the first. This gold-level status is thanks in part to an absolutely massive network of trails that’s all accessible from downtown. Most of these trails are classic trail riding or enduro mountain biking territory, but you can get a lift pump in several different places with a ticket. If it’s true downhill that you desire, the Canyons and Deer Valley resorts have gotcha covered!

Sedona, Arizona

Although Sedona, Arizona, cannot boast of the many trails that are found in some of the other destinations, Sedona is not lacking anything in quality, accessibility, no technical challenges and it has got drop-dead gorgeous views. Once again, Sedona isn’t only wonderful for the amazing scenery, but have continued to legalize their old social trails and they build new tracks yearly.

Grand Valley Colorado

The Grand Valley is known to be a geographic area and it is located west of Colorado, including the towns of Grand Junction, Loma, Fruita, and Palisade.

The term “Fruita” may be used to include the entire Grand Valley, but honestly, that is a misnomer, as many prime trails are located in Grand Junction, Loma, and Palisade.