Aurora Borealis Observatory & the North Star Boutique Hotel

It Might Be time To Visit Aurora Borealis Observatory And Stay At The North Star Boutique Hotel

Have you ever heard of the Aurora Borealis Observatory? If you haven’t this quick write-up about this amazing place is a must-read for the outdoor adventurer.


The Aurora Borealis Observatory is all about enjoying the Northern Lights and they make it possible with their North Star Boutique Hotel where the total focus is observing and enjoying the Northern Light experience.

The North Star Boutique Hotel is located in Senja Island in Northern Norway and was only recently founded by the owner-operators Anders Hanssen and Kristine Kjosnes. The hotel offers many Aurora Borealis tours, either in a private setting or a group setting. the guides are incredibly knowledgeable and offer tips for the best possible photo and videography of the Northern Lights.

Of course, the activities don’t stop at just viewing the Northern Lights there is also husky tours, which is a dog sledding experience only 10 minutes away from the hotel. If you enjoy Mountain hiking then you’re going to love the incredible views of the coastal Shores and fjords.

Norway is known for its exceptional skiing and a visit to the North Star Boutique Hotel will not disappoint in that department. There is Alpine or downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and to bog me all within minutes of the hotel.

Video by @dennisschmelz on Instagram

If you’re into fishing then you’re going to love this place as well, they have both deep sea fishing and ice fishing and claim to have some of the best fishing spots in all of Norway.

Of course one of the main reasons to visit is viewing of the Northern Lights and creating memories of this experience. The hotel offers photography workshops where you can learn the basics and advanced photography and then test your skills on some of the most scenic landscapes and Aurora’s.

For more information visit their website at: or their facebook page: at to see some of the amazing photography on Instagram at:


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