Camping Food Hacks For Your Next Trip


Different seasons bring with them camping or adventure trips, and when you stay outdoors, what it means is that you won’t have the convenience of your kitchen when you want to cook. You’d miss your pots, pans, and all the kitchen appliances you are used to. You’ll most definitely would want to try these food hacks when next you go on an adventure or go camping. You may even be able to convince a reluctant spouse or loved one to head out with these extra comforts.

Paper Bag Bacon

It’s a great way to give your campers a treat of bacon and eggs for breakfast, without the frying pans or dishes to clean later. All you need do is to line the bottom of a paper bag using a few strips of bacon to make a fat “bacon nest” and then break some eggs. Fold the bag and place it to the end of a stick and grill it over hot coals for around 7 to 10 minutes. Eat it right out of the bag, but be careful so it doesn’t wind over your lap!

A great twist on a breakfast classic!

No Worries Egg Transportation.

Eggs in the bottle

You’ll definitely break a few eggs while transporting them from the refrigerator to the car and then to the campsite. But to avoid this and also save space, break the eggs ahead of time and mix them into a plastic water bottle. When you arrive at the campsite, pour them in the pan for scrambled eggs!

Pancakes To Go

For the super simple early morning-ready flapjacks, place your pancake ingredients inside a plastic bag, then store it in a cooler, then cut a corner off to dispense when the griddle is ready. You will get cooked pancakes in a few minutes.

Great for the little ones!

Don’t Go Without This Daily Staple!

Coffee Bags

Do you feel like you should start your day with a nice fresh cup of coffee, but are not interested in lugging a coffeemaker to the campsite? The solution is here. Fill the coffee filter using a scoop of ground coffee, then tie it using some dental floss. Now you have a tea bag style coffee bag, which should be ideal for preparing a single cup of coffee. Just add hot water and you’re good to go.

Kamp KD – (Mac & Cheese)

Well known as KD or Kraft Dinner up in Canada – or Mac & Cheese virtually everywhere else in the world. Before you go to the campsite, prepare a batch of your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe and divide it into small foil pie tins, cover them with cooking oil so the cheese will not stick. Wrap it well in an aluminum foil and keep it in resealable plastic in a cooler until want to cook. Once the campfire you set has burnt to mere coals, place the pie tins on it, then allow it heat until the cheese is nice and feels melty, this should be around 8-10 minutes, after that, it’s ready to be served.

A Warm & Hearty Meal, eh?

Sweet Treats Warmed Over A Fire!

Campfire Cones

S’mores may be a campfire staple, but these chocolate- and marshmallow-filled cones of delight are sure to become the next family favorite. Simply stuff a waffle cone with some chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, peanut butter chips and whatever else strikes your fancy. Wrap in foil and toss into the campfire until everything gets melty and gooey, and prepare to have your mind blown.

Campfire Orange Peel Muffins

Arrange a batch of muffin batter and take it to the campsite in a plastic container, with a bag of some oranges. Cut the oranges in half and scoop the fruit, you may use it in a fruit salad or for a fresh fruit juice. For the orange peel, pour the muffin batter into it and bake on a grill with the campfire, then sit down and enjoy the freshly baked muffins that arew sure to be a hit with your camping group.

Fresh Baked Muffins!