Colorado ZR2 A Great Base For A Overlanding Vechile

Could the Colorado ZR2 be the truck that you have been waiting on?

Chevrolet Bison ZR2The major car manufacturers are starting to realize just how large the overlanding community is becoming, and they want to cash in. Chevrolet introduced it’s Colorado ZR2 which is a midsize pickup designed for off-roading, but many people felt that it didn’t go far enough.

While those people might be really happy to hear that the 2019 ZR2 Bison is set to be even more extreme as Chevrolet has teamed up with American Expedition Vehicles The bison version of the ZR2 will have steel skid plates to cover the oil pan, fuel tank, transfer case, front and rear differentials. It will also have a stamped steel bumpers, fog lights, and rear recovery points as well as an area reserved for a winch.

The Bison has still been running on the standard 31 inch Goodyear Dura-tech tires but the 17 x 8” wheels are custom to the Bison. You can immediately tell the difference between the bison and the ZR1 version of the Colorado by a few cosmetic tweaks such as the Chevrolet lettering across the front grill and lots of AEV logos scattered throughout the truck.

The Bison also features front and rear locking differentials as well as a very sophisticated multimatic DSSV, allows the truck to be very manageable on road without giving up any of its off-road capabilities. The Bison does sit a little higher with a 2-inch lift kit and 3.5 inches wider tracks front and rear.

Bison is a huge step up in capability and should be good competition for Toyotas Tacoma TRD models.

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