Glock G19 – The Perfect Handgun?

Is the Glock G19 the perfect handgun?

Glock G19Everyone has a favorite when it comes to handguns, but it is hard to argue when it comes to the success of the Glock G19 as one the most widely used handguns around the world by law enforcement agencies.

What is it that makes the Glock g19 popular with law enforcement agencies and militaries around the world? The simplicity and reliability of this semi-automatic pistol along with the fact that it uses a standard military round making ammo very easy to find no matter where you are make for compelling reasons.


But you can’t stop there, the Glock g19 is a short recoil operated, Striker fire semi-automatic pistol. The clock is made of a high-strength polymer what is resistant 2 temperature, caustic liquids and shocked. The semi-automatic¬†pistol features a milled steel slide and barrel with a tenifer finish which offers incredible resistance to corrosion and wear.


This Ultra reliable semi automatic pistol can also be field-stripped without the use of any tools, it’s easy to learn how to shoot and maintain making it a great choice for self-defense, whether you ¬†are in law enforcement, want to have one at home, or use as a concealed carry weapon.

Check out this great video by Youtube channel TFB TV on the Glock G19


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