Page 3 - AARMED magazine - volume 001
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Letter From The Editor

              Welcome to the first issue of AARMED adventure and survival,

              the magazine is all about learning new skills, experiencing new
              adventures and exploring gear that will make it more enjoyable.

              Our magazine is all about community, and that community

              started  on  Facebook,  We  currently  have  just  under  1,000
              members in the community and 10,000 people who follow

              the AARMED page. Part of making the magazine will have us

              traveling for different adventures and learning new experiences.
              During these trips we plan to meet up with members of the
              AARMED community, get to know them and have them share

              their experiences.

              Share your stories, photos, and videos with us as we’d like to

              share it with the community through our Facebook and YouTube
              channels as well as in the pages of the magazine. We want to

              hear about your adventures, skill sets, and recommended trips
              that other members of the community would want to know

              about and maybe try for themselves.

              The direction of this magazine will truly be shaped by the

              members of the community, the stories, photos and videos you
              share will ultimately make up the content that we cover. We

              hope that this community will grow and by sharing advice and
              experiences on adventure travel will encourage others to get

              outside and enjoy some adventures of their own.


              Keith Wick
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