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Waterproofing Your Tent

                   Make Sure You Stay Dry In Bad Weather!

              You’re all ready to go camping. You’ve

             got your food, campfire gear, toiletries,
           sleeping bags, and your brand new tent!
                                   But What if it rains?

                 Surely this nice new tent is ready to
              keep you protected from the elements
               should some inclement weather kick
                                               up, right?      An average nylon tent.  Without a coat of

                                                               waterproofing it’ll only stand up to a light
                                     Unfortunately, no.        drizzle

            Older camping or commercial tents are

              often made of a thick canvas material,                When you first buy your new tent you
           or heavy tarpaulin, and sealed with rub-               should take the time to set it up in your
            ber or wax. They hold up well for heavy                yard before you need to actually use it.
             weather, but they arent the most viable                Once it’s all set-up you’ll need to go to

              for a weekend outing with the family.                  the hardware store and pick up some
           They’re heavy, complicated to setup and                   “Silicone Waterproofing Spray”.  One
              take down, and often have unpleasant                   large can should be enough to handle
            smells - like it was stored at the crayola              a smaller dome tent, but for 5 or more

                                                  factory.               person tents better grab two cans.

                                                                     Take the rain fly off your tent and set
                  Newer nylon fabric tents are great.
              They’re lightweight, easy to setup, and               it aside for the moment, now hold the

                 are a great weekend escape - but as                   can about 2-3 inches away from the
               mentioned before they aren’t exactly               tent fabric and start spraying the seams
             going to hold up to much more than a                   of the tent as that’s commonly the first
              light drizzle, certainly not as much as              point of failure.  Once you have a thick

           an old, thick tent. unless you know how                   coat on all of the tent seams, hold the
            to properly treat and care for your tent.             can about 12 inches away fromt the tent
                                                                    fabric and give it a light, even coating.
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