Page 8 - AARMED magazine - volume 001
P. 8

3 Things to do BEFORE heading into Bear Country

            1. Pack bear spray and know how to use it

            2. Check out the website for the area you plan on hiking or

            camping for any information about bear activity in the area.

            3. When you arrive at the campground or trailhead look for any

            signs that might have up-to-date information about bear activity.

            BEAR SPRAY!

            Hiking and camping in the wilderness come with a few real dangers such as

            dealing with wildlife encounters like cougars and bears.  spotting wildlife in
            the distance can really enhance your hiking or camping trip but coming face to
            face can create a very dangerous situation, and you need to know how to react.

            Most of the time bears are going to do their best to avoid you, typically the only
            time people have a bear encounter is when they surprise the bear or the bear is

            defending their cubs or a meal.

            You can read some of our other articles on bear safety here, but one of the main

            skills you need to have is knowing how and when to use your bear spray.

            In recent studies, it has been proven that bear spray is your best defense and
            more effective than a bullet when it comes to stopping a bear that is charging you.
            Bear spray will spread out in a nice fog that will deter the bear if you’re even lucky

            enough to get a shot off when a bear is charging you would be extremely lucky to
            hit it.
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