Page 9 - AARMED magazine - volume 001
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How To Use Bear Spray Safely

   1. Although the instructions for proper use of bear spray are

   typically all the same or very close make sure that you read the
   manufacturer’s instructions.

   2. Bear spray is a very effective deterrent but useless if it’s located
   in your backpack, you should attach the bear spray in a holster that is

   in easy reach when it is required.

   3. Keep your bear spray near you at all times, this includes in
   your tent when you go to bed at night and in your cooking area.

   4. All bear sprays will have a safety clip, keep this clip in place
   at all times only removing it in the event of an encounter with a


   5. Never spray your equipment such as tents, backpacks,

   camping gear to repel bears.  once the irritating effects of the
   pepper spray wear off and are broken down, the residual pepper

   left behind will actually attract bears.

   6. If your bear pepper spray is released accidentally at close

   range its effects can last for up to 60 minutes. Flushing the
   affected skin and eyes with water can help but you will remain

   uncomfortable until the effects of completely worn off.

   7. Make sure to properly store your bear spray, extreme heat or

   extreme cold can both affect the performance of the product.
   It has been reported that bear spray canisters have actually

   exploded when left in vehicles during hot summer days.

   8. Practice makes perfect, leaving the safety clip in place you

   should practice your quick draw of your bear spray canister from
   its holster so that it comes second nature when you actually

   need it.
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