My favorite hiking trails in Banff National Park

My favorite hiking trails in Banff National Park

If your backpacking in and around Banff national Park and are looking for something to do that is cheap, hiking is the answer.

  • The Teahouse in Lake Louise

Teahouse in Lake LouiseTraveling up the right-hand side of Lake Louise you come to the teahouse which is open from June to September. They make everything fresh daily supplies are brought in by horseback or helicopter. Make sure you bring cash as no credit cards or debit excepted here because They don’t have any electricity. This hike is 3.4 km one way with an elevation gain of 385 m. Round-trip should take you anywhere is from 2.5to 3 hours.


  •      Tunnel mountain

Tunnel Mountain BanffIf you’re looking for quick afternoon adventure hike tunnel mountain is fantastic. It’ll provide you with great views of Banff, Bow Falls and the Banff Springs Hotel. This is a 2.4 km hike one way, with an elevation gain of 260 m. It should take you about two hours to complete.



  •       Mount Bourgeau

Mount BourgeauIf you’re looking for a more challenging full day hike then try Mount Bourgeau. As your hiking up you pass three lakes and two or three small waterfalls which makes for some epic scenery, but the best is when you get to the summit, the views are amazing.

The distance is 25 km round-trip with an elevation gain of 1435 m the total trip time is approximately nine hours.



  •       Rockbound Lake

Rockbound LakeRockbound lake is in the middle of Castle Mountain close to Johnson Canyon, this is not nearly as popular for tourists as the Johnson canyon waterfalls.  The hike up is mostly through the trees however once you reach rockbound like the reward is well worth it.

The distance of this hike is 8.4 km with an elevation gain of 760 m in a round-trip time of seven hours.


  1. Giant Steps

Giant Steps BanffThis is a two-for-one hike as you’re gonna pass through larch valley before arriving at giant steps. The best time years the fall when late in the Vikings season due to the changes of colors of all the treats. The golden colors makes the journey of getting to giant steps just as nice as arriving.

The distance of this hike is temple at 9 km one way with an elevation gain of 385 m and a total round-trip of eight hours.