Portable Washing Machines For Camping

Portable Washing Machines For Camping

So you’ve decided to take an extended camping trip or maybe even an Overlanding trip where you’re going to be away for a couple of weeks, you’ve packed and you’re sure you got everything until it’s time to do your laundry. Most people don’t really think about doing their laundry when they’re on a camping trip, but unless you’re going to be somewhere but you can drop into a local laundry mat or you decide to go really old-school and wash your clothes in a river which isn’t very environmentally friendly than here are a few options for you.

What are the best portable washing machines on the market today?

Portable washing machines are very different from the washing machine that you’re going to have at home. The first major difference is the portable washing machine is not typically going to be electrically powered, it’s more likely to have a hand crank or push handle which requires a little bit of manual labor.
The second major difference is the amount of laundry that you’re going to be able to do at a time. Your home washing machine can do upwards of 9 kg of laundry, portable laundry machines are meant for travel and just can’t take up that much space so they are significantly smaller than a “normal” washing machine.
Here are a couple of our favorite portable clothes washing devices.

Breathing mobile washer

Breathing Mobile WasherThis one is about as basic as it gets, all you really need are 25-gallon pail‘s and the breathing mobile washer which looks like a toilet plunger. First add your environmentally friendly soap to a 5-gallon pail half-filled with water, next stick the breathing mobile washer device into the pale and manually move it up and down just like you were plunging a toilet. Next, remove your clothes from the soapy 5-gallon bucket and put it into the clean Clearwater of the second 5-gallon bucket and repeat the process of plunging with the breathing mobile washer. Now all you have to do is ring your clothes out and hang them up to dry. This unit is only $20 and can be stored in your 5-gallon bucket.

Easy wash manual washing machine and dryer

Easy Wash Clothes WasherThis one’s not quite available yet but you can check it out on kick starter. This is one of the more advanced designs that is great for camping and traveling, it only weighs 3.5 kg and will have an estimated retail price of $64.99 US.
Do use it you simply add your dirty clothes, your environmentally friendly washing detergent fill the machine with water and spinet using the handle when you’re done cleaning you pull the plug and drain all the dirty water. Now you spin the machine again using the same handle to ring out the majority of the water. This will make it easy and much faster to dry your clothes.

Lavario clothes washer

Lavario Portable WasherThis is another manual but simple to use clothes washer, you simply add water and detergent and your clothes in the basket, you then attach the lid and use an up-and-down motion to clean your clothes. Once your clothes are fully clean you drain the water from the bucket, add fresh clean water for rinsing and repeat the above steps. it only weighs 10 pounds and stands 31 inches high. it is a slightly expensive option at $140 US.



DIY portable washer

DIY portable Clothes WasherLast but not least is a DIY portable washer which is nothing more than 2 toilet plungers and 2 5 gallon buckets.
To make this all you need is a drill with a three-quarter-inch drill bit, 25-gallon buckets with lids, two new toilet plungers, and two different colored permanent markers.
You simply drill a three-quarter-inch hole into the middle of each bucket lid and then drill three evenly spaced holes into each plunger to create the agitators. Next color small section of the handles of the plungers with your markers so you’ll know which one is wash and which one is rinse.
I hope this helps you keep your clothes clean on your extended camping trips. Remember to purchase an environmentally friendly soap to go along with any one of these cool clothes washers.