Ka-Bar Military Spork & Bottle Opener


  • INCLUDED – One Ka-Bar Spork (6.875 inches) with a 2.5-inch serrated edge knife that detaches and a Ka-Bar Bottle Opener. Both dishwasher safe.
  • DURABLE AND KA-BAR STRONG – Made of food and water approved Grilamid, a high-strength technical plastic. Your Ka-Bar Spork will withstand extreme temperatures, be it cold or hot soup. No worries of flimsy utensils at chow; this spork knife combo is sturdy with no wobble or excessive movement and is not easily damaged. You can easily cut your steak, chicken, or spam with its firm knife which is strong and sharp enough even for self-defense.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE – No need to drag along a fork spoon and knife when camping, hiking, traveling, hunting, or just on the go. This 3 in 1 spork is all you’ll need. Pack it with your survival gear, in your purse, backpack, lunchbox, pocket or EDC bag and be sure to show it off to your friends. It comes in handy while on the go and no utensil is in site or you just hate the thought of using public utensils. You might even want to throw it in your glove-box for a road trip or everyday travel

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