reTyre Bicycle Tire System

Change your bicycle tires in seconds to match the terrain that you are on with reTyre

If you’re into biking this is an interesting idea that you are going to want to see period recently on Kickstarter the company reTyre announced the world’s first zip-on bicycle tire system. 

Not surprisingly with 28 days still remaining on the campaign to raise a modest goal of $13,000 they have already raised $18,745.

The system works by an integrated zipper that is permanently attached with a high strength glue, the zipper does not affect the bicycles performance according to the manufacturer, this allows for quick installation of various Tire skins that are ideal for gravel, soft ground, mud, and even ice.

As winter cycle is no traveling on city streets that have a light covering of snow or ice is very challenging and dangerous, the reTyre urban winter has a 156 carbide studs that ensure a safe grip on icy roads.

Crazy as this system sounds, it really works and during their Alpha test they put out 4500 + units that were sold and tested. this system is the only Tire system that allows you to change the tire surface to match the conditions that you are facing. that’s right you can go from the road to gravel, mud and even ice all by just slipping on a new tire skin.


If you want to check it out on Kickstarter go here: