The New Fish Pro By SeaDoo

The SeaDoo Fish Pro Offer A New Exciting Platform To The Fishing Market

Fish Pro By SeaDooIf you’re into fishing you’re going to want to check this product out, the new Sea-Doo Fish Pro is a very well-thought-out industry-changing product, and here’s why.

The fish Pro is outfitted with many cool accessories such as the LinQ fishing cooler, this 51-litre capacity cooler Keeps your ice cold and your catch fresh. The cooler is designed to stay tight, but easy to open with one hand and features a pair of drains making it easy to empty out.


The next feature is the extended rear platform that has a fold-down step, making it very easy to get back onto the Sea-Doo from the water. There is another LinQ attachment system built into the rear platform it allows you to add a LinQ fuel caddy That holds an additional 15 L of fuel over top of your already large 70 L fuel tank capacity built into the Sea-Doo itself. This means that you’re going to get longer days on the water without having to go back to shore to refuel.

The cooler has for rod holders that can be moved around easily But keep your gear securely attached even at full speed. There’s also an anti-slip mat on top of the cooler that makes for a great workbench such as cleaning fish.

The seat on the Fish Pro has been designed so that you can easily move from the front to the rear of the watercraft, or sit sideways on the watercraft and still maintain a very stable platform.

The Front Of The Fish Pro

Fish Pro By SeaDooAt the front of the new Fish Pro, there is a glove box that has both a watertight and inner foam stability chambers for your cell phone. There is also an optionable USB port to keep your phone fully charged so you can take as many videos and photos of your catches with a worrying about running out of power.

Lift the front lid and you will find a storage bin organizer for all your fishing gear, perhaps a change of clothes and even a few safety items. You will also get a Garmin Fishfinder standard from the factory with the Sea-Doo Fish Pro, this means you will not have to custom fit your fish finder so there will be no holes in the hull of your watercraft.

The Fish Pro also has a trolling mode that works seamlessly with the industry-leading Rotax engine. This craft offers reliability, performance, fuel efficiency, an incredible new way to experience fishing. We can’t wait to give one of these things a try, if you want more information go to: