Are you a fan of tent camping? Then you might want to learn a little bit more about Shiftpod.


The Shiftpod is a cool product from Advanced Shelter Systems is easy to set up, reflective, wind resistant, shelter system. Even when setting up the Shiftpod for the first time it can easily be accomplished in under 2 minutes by yourself, this alone is enough to get me to buy one. The shelter system is definitely too heavy for The Backpacker or hiking camper, what is excellent for somebody that’s camping out of their car, the system weighs 65 lb and is about 6 feet long when packed up.

Setting up the Shiftpod up is extremely easy, first you simply lay the shelter out as flat as possible, next you need to climb inside the pod by opening up one of the two doors and push the center of the roof up until it pops open, next you want to go around it pop out all the walls, which is Made Easy by pull tabs that are located on each of the walls. Once the walls and roof are set up you now need to install the flooring system, the cool thing about this is that the floor is zippered in and out, this makes it removable which makes it easy to clean when you’re done camping.

The interior of the shelter is extremely well laid out and has six port style windows for airflow along with two doors for entry and exit, mesh bags that hang off the side of the shelter for storage and a heating air conditioning ducting system. There are also two small vents that have removable filters that are meant to clean the air if you are in an area with poor air quality.

The first thing that comes to mind for me with using the Shiftpod setup would be if you are in a job such as a forest firefighting and faced with poor air quality, high heat, and you are going to be on location for an extended period of time. Having the ability to duct in an air conditioning system running off of a generator would be extremely welcome in this situation.

This tent was incredibly popular at The Burning Man gathering with approximately 2000 shelters set up. It’s ease of setup and hi-reflectability of the tent which helps keep it cooler made it extremely popular. The second generation Shiftpod comes with a fly which is called a blast shield and people using it say that it easily reduces the temperature inside the tent by approximately 10 degrees.

This tenting system is perfect for a larger family¬†when fully assembled it covers a 12 by 12 area with a 6 ft 6 Center roof height, there is definitely room for everyone. The cost of the Shiftpod is $1,300 USD, Making it a little bit pricey in the tent market, but with all the features that it offers it is definitely a contender for the best tenting system available. For people that don’t want to spend $1,300 there is a Shiftpod mini that cost $799 USD ¬†and has a 6-foot by 6-foot footprint and about a five and a half foot center height.