Beavers are normally a pretty shy animal but can turn very aggressive when rabid.

Father and daughter were out enjoying a day of kayaking on Conewago Creek in Pennsylvania earlier this month when they were attacked by a rabid beaver.

The beaver started out by biting and scratching Dan Wherley’s new kayak, at first Dan thought it was pretty funny and even took out his cell phone to record the encounter, but when the beaver was relentless and tried to climb onto Dan’s kayak he started to hit it with his paddle until it backed off. The beaver wasn’t done yet though he turned his attention towards Dan’s daughter Layla and started to climb up on her kayak when Dan jumped into the water to come to her rescue, eventually, the struggle between Dan and the Beaver led to shore where Wherley had to kill it.

Dan reported the encounter to the Pennsylvania Game Commission and they confirmed that the beaver had rabies. Wherley had to get a number of post-exposure vaccinations but luckily neither Dan nor his daughter were bitten by the beaver.


Although at first glance this is a funny story, rabid animals are no joke and will usually act in a very aggressive manner, they might be foaming at the mouth and have no fear of humans.